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We all need to figure out where we’re going in life

By choosing a role model, we are defining how we would like to live our lives

‘I wanna be like Mike’


I would love to play ball like Jordan

I would love to have the brain of Einstein

I would love to have self-sacrifice like Mandela

I would love to innovate like Jobs

I would love to play guitar like Clapton

I would love to scale a company like Bezos

I would love to lead like Lincoln

I would love to influence like Robbins

I would love to …

However, having a flurry of conflicting aspirations tugs & pulls at us in all different directions

We mustn’t make the mistake of choosing a role model like we play Mr. Potato Head

Mixing and matching often blurs our focus and dilutes our passion

Contrary to popular belief - you can NOT have it all.

Choose wisely and consistently

Don’t be like that kid in the candy shop

Remember… your role model is a real person, not an action figure or Barbie doll

Avoid the illusions of fantasy

Choose the pathway towards authentic greatness

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