at least

it FEELS like I’m going to die.

Every human being comes pre-installed with an internal alerting system that is responsible for activating the fight, flight, or freeze response if posed with an existential threat.

This includes the release of stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol which in turn activates a whole slew of automatic physiological reactions. Rapid heartbeat and breathing, lightheadedness, tunnel vision, muscle tension, & sweatiness are some - not to mention your ‘thinking’ cortex going off line.

All this is the body’s way of dealing with the imminent danger

The good news: This comes in really handy when there is a REAL danger. It gets our body to deal with the immediate threat by kicking our system into survival mode.

The bad news: It does not differentiate between REAL danger and just a PERCEIVED danger.

In other words, the internal experience of a person faced with a mortal danger IS IDENTICAL to the internal experience of a person whose system has been activated even though the is no actual threat.

Even a scenario that triggers a belief in a person that they are, for instance, “an absolute failure” - can illicit this response.


If you have ever experienced this first hand, you know how terrifying this actually feels.

You are not alone.

It’s estimated that for approximately 5% of the American populace this is something that poses a significant challenge in their daily lives.

Fortunately there are many proven therapeutic approaches and techniques that could help.

EFT, or tapping, is one powerful modality that quickly and efficiently lower stress levels in the body and address underlying issues calling out for resolution.

One thing is for sure, panic attacks should not be ignored. The sooner they are addressed, the quicker one could move towards resolution.

Did you ever FEEL like you were going to die???

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