Ask yourself THIS question

Which of the following is most important to you❓

1. To FEEL good

2. To LOOK good

3. To BE good

Answering this question will shed some light on what is our main motivator in life.

It will also show where our main challenges lie.

For instance, if we are set on FEELING good above all else - then the array of ‘instant gratifiers’ (name your poison🍩🍸💊💉💰🚬💋) - become a seemingly endless pit of non-fulfillment.

However, if we are focused on LOOKING good - we might slip down the slippery slope of just trying to obtain approval from everyone else - except our self. We are then left as shell of a human💀🧟‍♂️🎭 with no self worth 😕

Here’s the kicker... If our aim is to BE GOOD: to achieve to accomplish to grow to shine to share to care to contribute to love We then connect to our core, our values, and most importantly - OUR SELF

Ask yourself this question next time you feel that deep need - you will be surprised how telling the answer actually is.