Got Stuck # 12


Try this:

> BREATHE - and pay attention to your breath. Feel the cool air in your throat, the air expand inside your lungs, the air being exhaled through you mouth.

> NOTICE - and observe what you feel inside your body. Notice where you feel it. If it's an emotion, do you feel it inside you body? Acknowledge its presence. Notice that this is a feeling that you are experiencing, it is not you. "I notice that there is a sinking sad feeling in the pit of my stomach", as opposed to, "I feel sad".

> EMBRACE - the experience and feel all the sensations as they move through your body. No judgments, like, 'this feels bad' or 'this is terrible'. Just allow them to be and breathe into it. Ask for more! Say or think, "Bring it on!" - "I own you!"

> TRUST - that you are safe. Trust that these feeling will pass just as they came. You will get through this like you always have in the past. No feeling lasts forever.