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The 6 Human Needs

The 6 human needs were developed by Tony Robbins as a framework to understand what makes people do what they do. Everyone has these 6 needs.

They are:

  1. Certainty

  2. Variety

  3. Significance

  4. Connection/Love

  5. Growth

  6. Contribution

While the first four are basic needs that must always be met, the higher two - growth and contribution - are needs of the spirit.

Depending on how one meets these needs and through which vehicles, the quality of one’s life will vastly differ. For example, a person could meet their need for significance through positive ways like providing for one's family, or amassing intellectual wealth. Or, one may pursue significance in a negative way by resorting to violence or crime.

Additionally, most people value some needs over others. Many people put certainty and significance as their 2 primary needs - this will undoubtedly lead to much frustration in life when things do not go their way (lack of certainty) and they feel insignificant and depleted when others succeed and they do not.

Ask yourself the following questions:

Which of these are your primary needs?

Does this pursuit lead to achieving a life of harmony and joy or stress and unease?

Are there higher and more elevating ways for you to reach these needs?

Are you growth driven and contribution focused which help you reach beyond your limiting self?

Want to learn more about yourself and what makes you tick?  Do you want to discover how to lead a life with more happiness, passion, and joy?

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6 Human Needs

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